App Development : Whats it all about?

Building You're App Business


So you've got a great app idea and have no idea how to make it a reality and have no programming experience whatsoever.

Are you screwed? Pretty much, but keep reading on cause there's light at the end.

You can stop reading right now and give my company a call and I'll set you in the right direction. As in...I'll tell you straight up if you're onto something and I'll outline directly the steps you should follow to get going.

But who are you?

Are you an extrovert that feels you can rally enough people behind you're genius idea and leverage their skills to build a profitable company? If you're this person you're delusional but I like you because you remind me of myself.


You're a self-starter and you feel you can learn to program within a month or so and actually develop you're application and become a millionaire within two months. You know you can handle the business administrative stuff, the marketing, content creation, and fundraising with one hand tied behind you're back? If you're this person you are truly delusional but I like you because you remind me of myself.

The truth is to develop you're awesome idea you're gonna have to fall within the two extremes above. Was that a shock?

If so um...ok?

In any case, don't fret because whether you hire an awesome development team like Kinnectus or you build it from the ground up, you're going to have to put in a massive amount of action to see results. Nothing is for free and that's the beauty of this world. With enough work you can have it.

As a developer I work on my own side projects and I develop for clients to create a solution for their current business or launch their own mobile/web business.

Whether my business or creative hat is on, I know it's going to be an upstream swim. But that's awesome because win or fail, I'm going be a stronger developer and a stronger entrepreneur.

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